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Everything You Need to Know About Home Inspections

When you’re buying a home, the last thing you want is unpleasant surprises after you move in. That’s why it’s important to have a professional home inspection. Having a home inspector look at your potential new house can help ensure that it meets all of your expectations before you commit to signing on the dotted line. But what does a home inspector inspect? And what should you expect during and after the inspection? Read on for answers to these questions and more.


What Does A Home Inspector Inspect?

A home inspector looks at the condition of the visible and accessible parts of the house, such as the walls, floors, ceiling, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and electrical systems. They will also check for structural damage (such as cracks in walls or ceilings) and any signs of water damage (such as mold). They often use infrared scanners to search for new and old water damage, as well as any malfunctioning windows or doors. They also inspect all HVAC systems, gas and electric fireplaces, as well as major appliances. The home inspection report will include any major concerns with these systems as well as any potential safety issues that need to be addressed.


What Should I Expect During A Home Inspection?

During a home inspection, the inspector will take a couple of hours to walk around each room in the house looking for any problems or signs of damage. Most inspectors take pictures or videos throughout their examination so they can refer back to them during their report-writing process. Once they’ve completed their inspection, they will spend between 45-120 minutes with the buyer going over their findings. The entire process typically takes between two and three hours but may require more time if there are any major structural issues that need to be addressed. It is recommended that you attend the inspection yourself so that you can ask questions about anything that comes up during the walkthrough. Your Realtor should also be present, as they will be able to help you disseminate normal wear and tear from concerning findings.


How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies depending on where you live and how large the property is but generally ranges from $300 – $600 USD. It’s important to note that this fee does not include repair costs or additional services like radon testing which may come up during an inspection. It’s also worth noting that some lenders require an appraisal instead of an inspection; this is typically more expensive than an inspection but provides additional insight into whether or not a property is worth investing in.


Are Home Inspections Worth It?

Absolutely! Not only do they provide peace of mind before purchasing a property, but they can also help uncover hidden problems that could end up costing thousands down the line if not detected beforehand. Even if everything seems fine when you first move in, having an experienced eye to look over your potential new purchase could save you time and money later on—so it’s worth it!


Are There Things A Home Inspector Doesn’t Inspect?

While most inspectors are thorough, there are certain things most inspectors won’t inspect without extra fees such as swimming pools or spas; these require special certifications from dedicated professionals who specialize in those areas specifically. Additionally, inspectors cannot see behind walls so they won’t be able to detect plumbing or electrical problems unless there are visible signs (i.e., leaks). These types of issues would require further investigation by specialists if necessary.



Purchasing real estate can be intimidating—but with a little preparation and due diligence, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One way to make sure your investment pays off is by having a professional home inspector look over your potential new purchase before signing on the dotted line; this way you’ll know exactly what kind of condition your future abode is in before making any commitments! With so many benefits associated with having an experienced eye examine your prospective residence prior to purchase, hiring a certified home inspector should definitely be part of your buying strategy when shopping for real estate!


For more information about home inspections and the home buying process, call us at (801) 210-1461 and we’ll connect you with one of our highly qualified agents who will be able to answer your questions!

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