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At Bybee + Co Realty, our experienced and expert agents are well-versed in the residential and multi-unit investment real estate market. We go above and beyond when it comes to finding the best deals on investment properties for our clients. It starts with Principal Broker Aren Bybee, who has been helping clients invest in real estate for more than 25 years. He has the depth of knowledge and personal experience to locate the perfect investment property for his clients. Clients who are looking to buy the most potentially lucrative investment properties choose Bybee + Co Realty because they know we excel and specialize in this fast-growing segment of real estate.

Interested in Getting Started?

Whether you're interested in building a small or large real estate portfolio, we can help. We have helped hundreds of our clients reach their financial goals.

Included in Aren's investment curriculum are instructions for owners on the importance of the four sources of income then calculating their ROI giving them the best opportunities to strengthen and solidify their income opportunities.

Looking for Expertise?

Our agents give Investors the advantage when looking to sell multi-units. By using our 3D virtual tour, we give buyers the ability to look through all of the rented units without having to bother the tenants. No other real estate business does that!

Tapping into his vast experience in investment properties, Aren teaches his investors about the enormous benefits of performing tax deferred 1031 exchanges. These 1031 exchanges enable investors to move from one property to the next while optimizing their profits. Our real estate business did more than 30 of these 1031 transactions in 2022 alone.